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Quality by Tradition

Quality by Tradition

When offering comprehensive steel logistics solutions, it is essential to have a depth of knowledge built up from experience in the industry. RKI’s story of success starts with the Rheinische Kraftwagen-Speditionsgesellschaft mbH. This company was founded in 1962, and focused on steel transport. In the Ruhr district, the heart of the German steel industry, it establishes numerous branches, extending its operative business to hot and heavy load transports. In 1973, the company’s name changes to Rheinkraft-Spedition GmbH.
The company develops further, expanding into an all-round provider for steel logistics and has experienced many changes. From start-ups, mergers, changes of partners, we have changed from a small business to a group organization. Decades of fundamental changes in the market also change the face of Rheinkraft. The development of the steel industry in Germany and Europe has been the initiator half a century ago, and still remains a powerful driving force for the future. Today, RKI has become one of the leading suppliers of steel logistics solutions in a challenging market environment, efficiently combining tradition with a modern approach and evolving into the next generation of logistics.


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