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Our Logistics Solutions

A professional logistics partner is a specialist, that has long term industry experience with effective, efficient and sustainable solutions. They must have a portfolio of solutions to meet all the needs of the industry. However, most important is the value of our employees where both enjoyment and enthusiasm contribute to the joint success with our customers. This is the point where competence becomes an overall measure of performance. Our performance.


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In our multimodal logistics solutions, we combine economically and environmentally beneficial transportation for all carriers. Intercontinental transport of heavy, high volume products and materials are best handled by seagoing vessels. Carriage by barge and rail is more likely for transcontinental transport, trucks are ideal for fast deliveries with short reaction times. Especially on the road, we transport every steel product from tubes, bars, coils to plates and bearers with excess width and length requirements. We offer LTL, FTL as well as heavy load or special transport solutions. As an example of a special transport solution, we transport red-hot steel (up to 800 degrees), by using trucks with special insulating hoods ensuring maximum safety by means of a patented safety concept.


We offer:

  • Custom-made transport concepts
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Scheduling
  • Order Processing


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LR-Folien_06-2Stocks are unavoidable in the industry and may be necessary and even make good economic sense. Wherever storage capacity is sought, we offer solutions with more space for efficiency. We manage both our own and customers‘ warehouses. In this context, inventory management aims at reducing stocks and capital expenditure, while providing high delivery performance. We will manage and optimize the warehouse processes supported by IT-warehouse management systems.


Storage processes include:

  • Storage and retrieval
  • Warehouse management
  • Handling
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Packaging
  • Shipping processing
  • Time frame management
  • Quality control
  • Inventory management


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With our production logistic solutions we connect procurement and distribution on our customers’ site, completing the supply chain process. For this in-plant logistics, an interdisciplinary team of engineers, logisticians, and customer production managers develops individual concepts. A connection to the customer’s ERP system ensures the internal material flow follows the production processes – from supply of raw, auxiliary, and operating materials to the disposal of semi-finished and finished products.


We also provide in-house transport solutions for products and materials from different on-site locations. With specially adapted vehicles we transport coal dust, steel girders, moisture sensitive coils, stacks of steel and various intermediate products. All these are synchronised with the customers’ production process.


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LR-Folien_08-1Project logistics are complex. In this area we talk about the global shipment of complete plants or structural components, i.e. high value capital equipment. This applies both to small and large items.
Particular challenges are faced when completion dates have to be harmonized with different project phases. Here the optimal organization between points of departure and delivery plays an essential role.
It takes experience and foresight to deliver even heavy and bulky goods in a profitable, time-optimized, and reliable way. Thus, the sum of individual logistic tasks within a project is just as unique as the composition of our project teams implementing the following tasks:


  • Project management
  • Transport planning including appointment scheduling
  • Obtaining of transport permits
  • Preparation of shipping documents (packing lists, bills of lading, customs documents)
  • Crane work
  • Assembly work
  • Customs clearance
  • Insurance services


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iStock_000004470271SmallValue added services provide the option to support and improve the performance of core processes, by means of efficient process organization or additional services. RKI offers a variety of value added services including all customers’ upstream and downstream logistic processes; from transport planning and shipment processing to packaging, packing, picking, and quality control.


Excellent communication is a prerequisite for a coordinated flow of goods. We install all necessary interfaces, thus creating a network for optimal information flow. From a multitude of possible value-added services, RKI selects and offers integrated service packages supplementing the logistical range of services, such as:


  • Tender management
  • Process optimization
  • Development of logistics software
  • Document management
  • Logistics controlling