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It’s not just about transporting metals but providing a totally integrated solution that fits the logistics strategy of your organization. We have been pursuing this goal for a global market since 1962 from the heart of the German steel industry.


Efficiency, Competence and Individual solutions, this is what RKI stands for and it is what we have been delivering to our steel industry customers and their suppliers since we started. Our individual logistic solutions take into account our customers processes,

together with the relationships between suppliers, producers, traders and consumers. This ensures we provide resource efficient and sustainable solutions.


Our service and product portfolio enables us to create individual, tailor-made logistics. We provide complete supply chain solutions, by coordinating our resources, capabilities, and technologies with those of our partners.

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Logistics Solutions for:

Germany is the leading steel producer and manufacturer in Europe and with an annual output of 43 million tons is ranked seventh in the world (behind China, Japan, USA, India, Russia and South Korea). Steel producers have to have efficient logistics that can stand the test of being in a global and challenging market, especially in Europe.
In this context, transport logistics plays an important role. As steel production is particularly transport-intensive, an optimal combination of carriers is required for the procurement, production, and distribution. Also required is the reliable linking of the individual steps with upstream and downstream supply chain solutions. All these efforts result in resource-saving and sustainable logistics for steel producers.
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Tube producers face logistic challenges in the area of raw material and intermediate product procurement similar to steel producers. The difference lies in the production output, supplying many different types of tubes to a wide range of industry sectors such as oil and gas, power generation, chemical and petrochemical, mechanical engineering, and vehicle manufacturing.
Tubes are specialist carriers of gases and liquids which also require experience and specialist know-how when it comes to their own transport. Tubes need special transport solutions themselves with devices such as transportation locks, sliding roofs, variable end walls, internal stanchions, adjustable lashing points, nailable flooring, and anti-slip rubber mating.
An effective transport solution is not only about securing the load, but also ensuring just-in-time delivery to every location from rugged outdoor terrain to highly sensitive and medical sterile areas.
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The competitiveness of steel distributors and steel service centres depends to a large extent on the exact availability of the products offered. For this high level of service quality, a logistics solution is essential to ensure all sub-processes link together and run smoothly.
Particular challenges are an increasing volatility of the market, ever shorter delivery cycles, and an increasing number of smaller order quantities. Optimized stock with reliable delivery performance is critical. In addition to in-time delivery, transport safety plays an essential role when it comes to transporting hundreds of different types of steel. The handling of steel requires a lot of special requirements and regulations.
Thus, competitiveness will be directly enhanced by an optimal utilization of all available resources.
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In almost all key German industries, steel is considered as a basic material in the total supply chain; from road and bridge construction to machinery and plant construction (which is one of the five major industries in the Federal Republic).
Steel and plant construction is traditionally the largest industry sector in Germany, creating high-value capital goods from a single item to a complete industrial plant. These high-value capital goods play a central role in the form of their value, dimension, volume and project duration. They each require individual solutions and many years of project management experience.
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As one of the leading steel production centres, Europe depends heavily on a reliable supply of raw materials in order to maintain its position. Thus, imports of raw materials for the European steel industry will be increasing in the future, with countries like Brazil, Canada, and Colombia playing a central role as suppliers.
To guarantee a secure supply of raw materials for the core industries, efficient logistics are crucial. Especially since coal, iron ore, scrap metal and refractory materials for furnace linings in the iron, steel, glass, aluminium, cement, and ceramic industries have a high weight, come in large volumes and are sometimes subject to particular import restrictions.
The challenges of volatile markets and supply demand bottlenecks require global logistics expertise, which combines various transport systems that are stress-tolerant and reliable.
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App on the road

Die neue RKI-App ist ein hochmodernes Tracking-Tool, das pro-aktive Kundeninformationen durch die Erfassung telematischer Standortdaten liefert. „Ein kleiner, aber wichtiger Teil zur Digitalisierung der Branche“ nennt Dirk Michael Müller, der geschäftsführende Gesellschafter der RKI, die Entwicklung der firmeneigenen Tracking-App. Die von den Berliner App-Entwicklern der Smart Mobile Factory in knapp 6 Monaten umgesetzte Idee, liefert…
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